Services to Customers

XPANZ offers a turnkey solution from Conceptualization to Commissioning of the Roof Top Solar Power Project and setting up of Roof Top Solar Power Plant. Our roof top solar power system is custom designed for your facility, taking into consideration such as current electricity usage, existing electricity infrastructure, rooftop structure and space available etc. XPANZ has a dedicated team of experienced Technical and Financial Experts including Engineers, MBAs (Renewable Energy), CAs, etc.

Our services broadly includes the following process:



  • A) Preliminary Stage
  • B) Deatiled Design & Installation
  • C) Testing & Commissioning
  • D) Operations & Maintainence
1.Survey the site
2.Understand customer requirements
3.Assess the current power usage of the customer
4.Assess the structural strength of the existing building to know its load bearing capacity. Also suggest the extra strengthening measures required before start the commissioning of the Rooftop solar Power Plant.
5.Provide finance options
1.Perform Pre-Commissioning tests on the system
2.On satisfactory completion, commission the system
3.Perform Post-Commissioning tests to ensure proper operation of the system
1.Taking Govt. permissions for Grid Connectivity and Net Meter installation. Other Govt. compliances with respect to safety and security of Solar Power Plant.
2.Installation of System as per the SOPs of Xpanz, which includes providing high quality solar power systems from reputed and renowned manufacturers, state of the art workmanship, etc.
3.Proper handing-over of Solar Power Plant to Client along-with “Solar Kit” and “User Manual” to know about how O&M of Solar Power Plant should be ensured and providing training for the cleaning of solar power plant to the client’s staff.
1.Periodically monitor & perform tests on operation of system.
2.Replacement of damaged parts if any.
3.Preventive Maintenance.