Services Offered by Xpanz to our Investors to Become Independent Power Producers

AIdentify a creditworthy user/off-takers of Roof Top Solar Power Plant to whom our prospective investor can sell power
BPresent a “Preliminary Information Memorandum” (PIM), which consist a brief summary about the client, its financial strength, about its industry, overall industrial scenario, viability study SWOT Analysis along with a note on sensitivity analysis, IRR, DSCR, Debt-equity ratio, etc. to facilitate the investor to take a view on the project’s viability and its pay-back period, etc.
CAssist our investor in signing of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to ensure the uninterrupted periodic payments from the user with minimum risk
D Ensure the vendor verifications and third party audit on behalf of investor to ensure the supply of quality solar panels and other accessories and implementation by an experienced and renowned entity in the field of setting up of roof top solar power.
E Ensure that the agency appointed by user maintain and manage the Roof Top Solar Power and ensure the optimum generation.