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Whether Solar Power gives electricity at Night?

No, it works only under sunlight. However, the same can be conserved using a battery and fed via solar inverter.

Whether it works in rainy days and winter season?

It works whenever there is Sunlight . In Winters, the production is lower due to low sunlight conditions

What if solar power is not producing the desired energy?

It means that the installed capacity is less. The installed capacity can be increased or some alternate energy mix (eg. Solar & Wind hybrid) can be employed

Whether any permission to be taken from Govt. before installation of Solar Panels?

No, there is no requirement of any permission from Govt. for off-grid use. However, for on grid usage, permissions have to be sought from different agencies (Discoms, Municipality, etc)

Whether you have any experience in setting up of Solar Power Projects?

Yes, we are in the business of setting of Solar Power Projects since 2014-15 and till date we have installed over 150 solar power plants with aggregate capacity of over 2 MW.

What is the guarantee that Solar Power works for 25 years?

The Solar Panels provided by Tier-1 Companies approved by MNRE (Ministry of New & Renewable Energy) have a power guarantee of 90% of installed capacity till 10 years from commissioning and 80% till 25 years from commissioning.

Whether it can be dismantled and re-installed, if required?

Yes, the Complete Solar System can be dismantled and re-installed as and when desired as per the client’s convenience.

How much roof top is required to set up 5 KW or 100 KW solar panels?

1 kW Solar power plant requires 100 Sq. ft. space. Therefore 5 kW solar power plant requires 500 Sq. ft. area and 100 kW solar Power Plant Requires 10,000 Sq. ft. area.

In case our entity is working as a Trust or Society and registered under section 12A of Income Tax Act, 1961, whether the capital cost incurred on setting up of Roof Top Solar Power can be claimed as an amount utilised for the purpose of achieving the objectives of our Trust as per the provisions of Income Tax Act and can also claim Depreciation on it @ 80% as an Expense in our “Receipt and Payment A/c”?

Yes the capital cost can be claimed. The Depriciation can also be claimed but not as an expense in ” Receipt and Payment A/c “

Whether FDI is allowed in Solar Power Sector in India and whether there is any cap on it?

Yes, upto 100% FDI is allowed in Solar Power Sector

Whether to claim subsidy it is necessary to install “Make in India” Solar Panels or we can install imported Panels also?

To avail the subsidy on Rooftop Solar Power Plant, one needs to install only “Make in India”  solar modules only.

Beside Capital Subsidy, what other incentives are given by Govt. of India for installation of Solar Power Plant?

Accelerated Depreciation of 40% under Section 32 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 Net Metering (Except In the state of U.P. for Industrial, Institutional & Commercial Sector)

Whether the Subsidy is available through Central or State Govt?

The Subsidy is provided under various schemes by the Central as well State Govt

Whether it is advisable for hilly areas?

Yes, Solar energy can be used in hilly areas.

What type of Roof is required to set-up Roof Top Solar Panel?

Any type of roof that is able to bear 22 kg/ sq metre PV weight. Also the roof should be shadow free.

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