Solar Power – A Profitable Business Venture for our Channel Partners. We want to make this business model a profitable & environmentally sustainable venture to all the parties whether it is our Channel partners, Customers or Society as a whole. We together have to make collective efforts in the direction of “Solar Power on each Roof Top”, without any delay we have to act now towards a healthy and sustainable environment for a better tomorrow for our future generations to come.No doubt that the taking action in this direction may seems costly but not taking action is going to be more costly.

Few More Points
It’s high time that we understand the true power of solar energy and the system that converts solar energy in to usable electricity.
Its time that we start educating people around us about the importance, economics and long term benefits of the solar power system.
Business easy and profitable.
The eco-friendly stamp for your business.
Limited risk and assured returns over a long period make solar power attractive.
Solar Power has a very little downside due to shorter execution period

Our Channel Partners

Mr. Brijesh Gupta

Mr. Hitesh Bhardwaj

Narayan Singh Rao
( Ahmedabad,Gujarat )

Mr. Kamlendra Singh

Col. Nishant Kaura
( Noida )

 Mr. Amarjeet  Singh

Mr. Tarun Vaish

What our Channel Partner need to do?

  • Identify the potential sites- Industrial, Commercial, Institutional having good Roof Tops area and have a sound financials& high demand for power.
  • Identify the clients with the higher demand of power but not having sound financial background.
  • Identify the Clients with high tax liability and having disposal income which he can park for long term as IPP

MOU XPANZ & Channel Partners