The burden of population is increasing on urban cities on each passing day and as a result of this the demand for power is also bound to increase. Further, the conventional power generated through fossil fuel is not able to cater the power demand and not even environment friendly. Therefore the only solution is SOLAR POWER.

Now technology has been developed where you can have your own solar power plant, which can be installed on the abandoned and shadow free rooftop of residential complexes or its parking area or boundary wall.

The power generated through this Roof Top Solar Power Plant can operate the common area facilities, like water pumps to fill the overhead water tanks, booster pumps, lifts, chlorination plant, lights & fans in a club, guard room and Air Conditioner of administration office, lightning and operation of entry point barriers, etc.

This green solar power will bring down the monthly contributions of apartment owners on account of reduced electricity bill and adjustment of surplus power generated and feed back to the grid through Net Meter.


  1. Govt. subsidy is available through selected agencies, as a result of which presently the cost of solar plant is between Rs. 42,000 to Rs. 45,000 per kW.
  2. It is economical, as the levellized power rate of solar plant is below Rs. 2 per unit, whereas convention power cost you around Rs. 7 per unit.
  1. Payback period of your investment is on an average 4-5 years, due toconsuming solar power and saving in the power bills during a day time and feeding of excess power generated to the grid and get the benefit through “Net Metering” during night time.
  2. As this is an“On-Grid Solar System”, therefore no batteries are required.
  3. It provides clean power for approximately 8 hours during day time.
  4. No maintenance is required except a regular cleaning fortnightly.
  5. No fluctuation in light.
  6. It is environment friendly, as there is no air or noise pollution during its operation.
  7. The solar system is designed in such a way that the switch over to solar or grid power is automatic without any manual intervention.
  8. Power Generated by Solar Power plant can be monitored through remote access system available on your mobile app.
Our mission is to support clean & green society of Noida.