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Posted On: June 26, 2021

Dream project of Pradhan Ji

We are proud to announce that the Dream project of Pradhan Ji- Sr. Harmanjit Singh for 100kW Rooftop Solar Power Plant at Gurdwara, Rajouri Garden has been completed by Xpanz Solar Power Team.Inauguration ceremony done on 24/06/2021.

Success Story of 100 kw solar plant installed at Guru Singh Sabha, Rajauri Garden, Delhi.
Gurdwara had short of funds for implementation of this solar plant, which was a dream project of Pradhan ji (Gurdwara head). Xpanz took initiative to fulfill dreams of Pradhan ji and completed this project during 2nd wave of Covid-19, when Gurdwara committee members were busy in arranging free food packets and oxygen for the needy ones. We funded this project despite of tight financials during covid and helped them realise their long outstanding dreams. The money saved through reduced electricity bills will now be extensively used for social work undertaken by Gurdwara prabhandak committee.This decision was taken by Xpanz keeping in mind the basic objectives of our organisation, namely:1) Saving our Environment through Solar power.2) Empowering and helping those clients who show equal interest in saving our  environment & Mother Earth by joining hands and rendering all possible assistance.