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Posted On: October 13, 2020

Subsidy for Residential Societies for setting up of SOLAR POWER PLANT in the state of Madhya Pradesh

Climate Activists (CA) Yogesh Malik

Now technology has been developed where you can have your own solarpower plant, which can be installed on the abandoned and shadow freerooftop of residential complexes or its Club, Market space, parking area orboundary wall. 

The power generated through this Roof Top Solar Power Plant can operatethe common area facilities, like water pumps to fill the overhead watertanks, booster pumps, lifts, chlorination plant, lights & fans in a club, guardroom and Air Conditioner of administration office, lightning and operation ofentry point barriers, etc.The burden of population is increasing on urbancities on each passing day and as a result of this the demand for power isalso bound to increase. Further, the conventional power generated throughfossil fuel is not able to cater the power demand and not even environmentfriendly. Therefore, the only solution is SOLAR POWER. 

This solar power will bring down the “Monthly Maintenance Charges”  (MMC) of apartment owners on account of reduced electricity bill and  adjustment of surplus power generated and feed back to the grid through  Net Meter System. 

The outlines of the Madhya Pradesh Govt. Scheme for setting up of  Rooftop Solar Power Plant by Residential Societies are as follows:


Xpanz Energy Solutions LLP(Xpanz )will take care of all the matters  relating to setting up & maintenance of Solar Power Power Plant, like d oing the preliminary site survey, preparation of drawings/design, taking  all approval from MP Power Distributions companies (MP-MVVCL/  MP-PVVL), installation of solar Power Plant and Maintenance for 5 years. 

Xpanz will take all the botheration of getting approvals and collection of


Subsidy. It means the Residential Society has to pay only the net amountafter deduction of Subsidy to us. 


The MP Govt. had appointed MP-MVVCL/ MP-PVVL(DISCOMS) as the  nodal agency to take care of this scheme 


They have discovered following rates through tendering system and  subsidy will be available @ 20% on these rates 


Some important points w.r.t. Solar Power Plant for Residential Societies  are: 

The maximum capacity of a Solar Power Plant will be decided according  to the following:10 kW per flat or Overall Sanctioned Load of Residential  Society, whichever is lower.  

The maximum aggregate capacity which can be installed by a ResidentialSociety is 500 kW.  

It can be installed on multiple buildings/Blocks of the Residential Society  in the same premises.  

Capacity of Solar Power Plant in different scenario which can be installed is as follows: 


The Cost and financial benefits to the societies are described in following  table under different scenario: 

 Care should be taken while opting for this subsidy scheme by any  


 Residential Society: 

a) It should not be operated by the builder. 

b) The Registration certificate of Residential Society should be valid as on   date of applying for Subsidy 

c) The Member and Executive Committee of Residential Society should   hold the meeting and pass proper resolutions to approve the plan of   Implementation of Solar Power Plant.  

d) Common meter for the entire society is the ideal situation, where the f  lats owners are paying to Society and it will pay in turn to the DISCOM. e) Apply for Subsidy at the earliest, as it is available on first cum first basis   and as per Govt. policy this is going to be the last opportunity to avail   subsidy. It is apparent from the fact that last year this subsidy was 30%   which is now 20%. 

Benefits Of Solar Power Plant 

1. Solar Power Plant is Technically and Economically feasible, as the   Levelised Solar power rate is below Rs. 2 per unit, whereas convention   power cost you over Rs. 7-8 per unit. 

2. Payback period of your investment is on an average 3-4 years and ROI   is over 20% for its members. It is possible due to shifting the power   requirement to solar power plant and saving in the power bills during a   day time and feeding of excess power generated to the grid and get the   benefit through “Net Metering”. 

3. Say goodbye to Common Area Power (CAP) Charges after installation of  Solar Power Plant. 

4.As this is an “On-Grid Solar System”, therefore no batteries are required. 5.It provides clean power for approximately 8 hours during day time. 6.No major maintenance is required except a regular cleaning fortnightly. 7.There is no fluctuation in solar power. 

8.It is environment friendly, as there is no air or noise pollution during its   operation. 

9.The solar system is designed in such a way that the switching over to   solar or grid power is automatic without any manual intervention. 10. Power Generated by Solar Power plant can be monitored through   remote access system available on your mobile app. 

No matter how dark and hard life gets, the sun will rise and shine always… Switch to Solar Power. 

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