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Posted On: November 20, 2018

Why Xpanz?

1. Whatever we do, we do it with a high level of Trust.

2. We care for our Mother earth, therefore for us creating a clean & Green environment is the main objective and mission of Team-XPANZ, so that next generation can breathe clean air.

3. XPANZ founded in 2014 and registered with HREDA1 as well as working with MNRE& SECI with proper GST No., PAN, ESI and PF No.also the promoters working with us last more than 15 years.

4. XPANZ has more than 150 satisfied clients with an aggregate capacity of
over 2000 kW and experience of more than three years and having specialization & experience of successful implementation of Solar Power Plants at Schools/Educational, which are operated to the satisfaction of clients and which is very much apparent from the following data:

Note: XPANZ has got completion cum satisfactory certificates and
testimonials from these schools/Educational Institutions.

5. We are specialized EPC agency only for Roof Top solar power plants and we are neither working in the field of implementation of MW size projects nor we involved in any manufacturing of Solar power equipment, which means we are totally focused on one aspect throughout our business cycle, i.e. Implementation of Roof Top Solar Power Plants only.

6. XPANZ has specific Implementation and after sales manual for Schools/Educational Institutions with emphasis on the safety and security to the human lives from electrical equipment during its implementation as well as its operation.

7. XPANZ has well-drafted awareness programs through Power power presentations for schools and capable of providing an on-site learning experience to the students. We have conducted these type of programs at regular intervals at schools.

8. XPANZ has well designed SOPs2 in place which is operational on the ground for each phase of a project, i.e. separate for Pre-implementation phase, Implementation phase and for post-implementation phase.

9. Before taking Purchase Oder from the client, Team Xpanz also assess the optimum capacity of the solar plant which would ideal for operating the existing appliances keeping in mind the Sanctioned load, demand load, capacity available in transformer for export of power, shadow-free rooftop area, etc.

10. We assist our clients in the selection of sustainable and technically sound equipment (like Solar Panels, Inverters, Cable sizeetc.), which integrate to make it “Solar Power Plant” which ensure the smooth generation for its lifetime. We can do this with a high level of trust as we are not the agent of any specific company’s product. Therefore, we work to safeguard the interest of our client with a high level of professionalism.

11. We have in-house highly qualified and experience IT team, which is competent enough to prepare the simulations, drawing & design for the SPP. We design our entire solar power plant with the help of high-end software to decide the angle and height of the structure and also design the cable route which is technically sustainable for 25 years as well as ensure the minimum power losses and ensure that the solar plant gives maximum output throughout its lifetime.

12. We have a technical qualified, competent & experienced team of Electrical Engineers, civil engineers and ITIs /Surya Mitra with a total strength of over 30 on our payrolls, who works at the optimum level of coordination with each other to obtain a common goal of providing the state of art workmanship and sustainable solar power plant.

13. We are using high-quality cables to reduce the losses and damage to the plant, which also ensure the high level of safety to the solar plant as well as other appliances operational at the client site.

14. Our structure has been designed in such a way which ensure that it will sustain the wind flow of 150 kmph and also rust free for 25 years.

15. We are committed to providing prompt “After Sale Service” through XPANZ’s Technical Support Team (X-TST) with the intentions of complete handholding to the utmost satisfaction of the client to ensure smooth operation of
Solar Power Plant, which includes:

a) Liasoning with Govt. Departments for taking permission/NOC for Grid connectivity, setting up of Net Meter, Testing of Net Meter, Inspection of the Plant and replacement of meter;

b) Liasioning with DISCOM for a signing of the agreement with DISCOM to ensure the purchase of excess units exported;

c) Liasioning with Govt. agency to get timely disbursement of capital subsidy as well as GBI3.

d) Ensure the timely adjustment of excess units exported in the power bills of client till it gets adjusted automatically month after month. For this, we go to the such an extent where we ensure getting data updated and operational at software level of DISCOM’s billing section;

e) Timely attending of the complaint and preferably try to resolve it within 48 hours as we have a dedicated Toll-Free No. and other infrastructure facilities;

f) Assist our clients getting replacements of faulty parts of SPP by removing the equipment/faulty part, coordinating with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for repair/replacement and transport of the same with utmost care in handling the equipment while loading, unloading and re-installation. All these activities are coordinated in such a manner which ensure minimum loss of generation to the client;

g) A regular visit to the plant site for the periodic maintenance of SPP as per the well-designed Operational Manual of XPANZ with a client feedback/Visit cards;

h) During our periodic maintenance visit our engineers not only look after the SPP but also check the overall Power Distribution System and suggest the corrective steps to improve the overall performance of power consumption and accordingly suggest for installation of Servo Stabilizer to control voltage fluctuation /devise for maintaining the power factor or replacement of internal wiring/cabling to minimize their power losses and increase their financial gains. We also suggest a credible vendor to a client, who can provide all these devises.

i) iron-out the issues of voltage fluctuation and replacement of transformer if required;

j) Increase or decrease in the sanctioned load after proper assessment of power consumption, and

k) We provide a proper training to the client’s technical staff regarding the operation and maintenance of solar power plant and also provide properly printed “User Manual” which educate them about “How to maintain the plant?”

l) We update our clients with any notifications which have a direct impact
on their financials.

m) We assist our client in a selection of best and economical insurance policy through our associates who have more than 25 years of experience in the Insurance field.

Conclusion: So before deciding about the price, you are requested to compare Apple with Apple only and not Apple with Orange.

How We Are Different From Our Competitiors

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