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Posted On: November 20, 2018

Why School & Educational Institutions should opt for Solar Power Plant (SPP)?

  • Beneficent for School to reduce its tax liability: Investment in SPP is eligible for getting tax benefits u/s 12A of Income Tax Act, as it falls under the category of “Capital Expenditure”/ “Utilization of excess over expenditure”.

  • Smooth functioning of  DISCOMS, where it is easy to get:

  1. a)  NOC for grid connectivity;

  2. b)  Installation of Net Meter; and

  3. c) Automatic adjustment of export units generated from SPP through Net Metering.

  • Ideal geographical location of North India on the globe: Northern India is best suitable for setting up of SPP because it is located near the tropical region (i.e. Tropic of Cancer) where the good solar radiation is available throughout the year.

  • Increase the number of Admissions: Schools can show this solar power plant on their website to claim that the education is provided through “Green Energy” and also get more admissions as well as grants from some philanthropic agencies who have the specific fund to promote the “Green Energy/Clean Environment”

  • Contribution to the Clean Environment Schools can provide the live demonstration to their students regarding its operations & advantages, which contributes towards the clean environment, as it is noise free and pollution free and hence it’s perfectly ‘people friendly’ technology.

  • Two most important factors in favor of schools

First schools have abandoned rooftop space which is required to install the Solar Power Plant (SPP).

Secondly, the operational timings of the SPP and Schools are compatible with each other, which in turn become the source of earnings for school.

Further, we would like to inform you that we know the Power requirements of Educational Institutions better than anyone else, as we have a case study of more than 100 Educational Institutions with us and installed more than 25 SPP in educational institutes in North India.

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