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Posted On: April 4, 2018

How to Effectively Clean your Rooftop Solar Panels for Better Electricity Generation

Solar panels do not have any moving parts, therefore there’s not much maintenance to take care of. However, a lot of dust and other substances like bird droppings build up over time and can accumulate over your solar panels and can significantly impact the generation of electricity or the optimum performance of your solar modules.

In this article, we offer you few tips to effectively clean up your solar panels:

1) Ensure proper safety gear at all times. Wear non-slippery sports shoes when cleaning solar panels on your roof.

2) Solar panels can get very hot during the day.  Do not spray cold water on hot panels to avoid any thermal shocks. Though a solar panel itself is tough and damage by contraction and expansion will be minimal, it is still not a good idea to clean during hot days. Instead choose an overcast day or generally cooler days to clean your solar panels.

3) All the equipment you will ever need to clean your solar panel is a wiper and a bucket of soapy-detergent water. Because we need to avoid scratching our solar panels, it is best to use a non-abrasive or a sponge-like material with water. Avoid high-pressure water through hoses or pressure pumps directly at your solar panels to avoid any damage.


Cleaning of solar panels is not very different from cleaning your windows. Sometime even natural rainwater does the job quite well, but for other times, when there are tough deposits hard to remove, you could follow the same practice you would to clean your car or your home windows.

But keep in mind that since you’re on the roof, your safety is first! And if you are not comfortable to do it by yourself, you can definitely contact us and we will send our maintenance team to clean your solar panels for you.



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